Pure Yogi, or the love for all things Bamboo is the Japanese technique of using their most commonly grown crop the Bamboo to produce thoughtful ad practical items for daily use either in or outside your home. A culture which is well over a century old and which has been it is fair to say perfected over time and the years – today at every corner of the globe items mass produced by using strong Bamboo shoots are in high demand, not only are they durable but also last forever. We have long learnt to associate practicality of use and production with the Japanese.

@Phaii – we put the same level of intensity in our work and aim at producing and providing thoughtful items made from Bamboo. The Phaii Air Purifier is a fine example of creative thought and ingenuity. Not only does it come in various sizes but the use in unlimited. You can place the purifier at any corner inside your home to enjoy a thought provoking yet soothing scent which slowly fills out the brim of your home. Similarly, you are also able to place it inside your car or other assorted place to enjoy a relaxing aroma. We’ve come to call this a mixture of innovation which is able to absorb bad odors from unlikely places while leaving you fresh and healthy.

With a passion for what we do and belief in its ability to shape and change your own lifestyle – at Phaii we aim to please, which is why we offer our customers a money back guarantee on all our products. To place an order today simply select and click. Our commitment to perfection knows no bounds which is why all air purifiers are built to last and produced using only 100% naturally occurring products and Bamboo by products.

Thanks for visiting our website today, we are pleased to be a service and would like you to share your experiences as well. Feel free to look around, once you are ready to order simply follow the steps – if indeed you have any questions or queries around the products which we offer please drop us an email or contact us on the details mentioned on our contact page.