I purchased this product for my car to aid in odor elimination. I like the fact that it actually eliminates odors without covering them up with a fragrance. This fits just perfect under my passenger’s seat. Charcoal is used in furnace air filters, cabin air filters, air purifying filters.
I was so excited to receive this Bamboo Activated Charcoal Odor Absorber. I have been seeing advertisements and pictures of these products but I do not know anyone personally who had tried them or have I heard if they work well or not. So my son recently got a pet rabbit that loves to pee on the dogs pee pad and sometimes it gets on the carpet. It’s a very strong smell, much stronger then dog pee. I jumped at the chance to try this Odor Eliminator and thought it would be perfect, especially for the problem area.
Miss Courtney
As far as aesthetics of this product, I really really like it! It is solid black and looks more like an art to go peace sitting out as opposed to an air filter. It fits in with my home Decour perfectly! No one would have any idea that this is actually an odor eater. That’s exactly what I want for my house. Plus it looks completely contained so I don’t have to worry about my cats or child getting into it and accidentally eating something not good for them.
Mother of eight furry kids
I put this in my car and noticed that it really helped the air quality and the smell. My kids left the window open in a rain storm and the car has smelled musty since then. This definitely removed that musty smell. It;s a hard block, not squishy, like it looks. It’s actually rather large, so I just put it under the seat, since it’s not the prettiest item out there. Great item and definitely works.

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